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How to Minimise the Danger Your Construction Site Poses to Children

Construction site security should always be a top priority.

Construction site security should always be a top priority. Yet, with the start of the school summer holidays arriving, it’s an especially important time to make sure your own building site is secure. For children construction sites are seen as places of adventure. With the excitement of gaining access comes a lack of awareness about the dangers these construction sites contain. Here are just a few examples of areas that are of particular risk to children:

Scaffolding: As with roofs and other elevated areas, falling off scaffolding is always a possibility. 

Holes/pits: Falling into manholes, pits or excavations can be deadly.

Piled sand or other loose material: These heaps can quickly collapse and become death traps.

Bricks/timber stacked high: Material can fall or collapse completely on top of a child. 

Mobile plant machines: An out of control dumper truck can be a lethal weapon. 

An unsecured electrical/mechanical plant: Just one more way children can lose their lives. 

In order to minimise the risks to children the following actions should be taken:

Perimeter fencing must be thoroughly checked for all possible gaps or potential breaches. This includes spotting places where children could crawl under fences. Any breaches must be repaired immediately and fencing comprehensively maintained. 

Varying warning signs should be placed in appropriate locations around the site perimeter. These should be clearly visible to the public and especially where there is access to the site. 

Any excavations, pits or holes where water can accumulate should be closed off and securely covered. 

Limit the size of sand heaps so that it will minimise the risk of collapsing. 

All materials such as slabs, timber, pallets, bricks etc. should be stacked securely and stored in a safe location. This includes using secure and stable racking when appropriate. 

When storing cable drums, do so end-on which will prevent the risk of rolling. Otherwise, the drums should be securely chocked. 

When left unattended for any length of time, all mobile plant vehicles should have their keys removed and be immobilised. Whenever possible and when the site is unattended, the vehicles should be locked in a secure location. 

Any tanks which contain fuel or chemicals should be secure with all valves firmly locked to prevent leakage of contents. 

Make sure all electrical equipment is switched off and/or locked off at isolators which are themselves placed in a secure location whenever the site is unoccupied. 

Clearly inform delivery drivers and all suppliers that “No vehicle that has children on board will be allowed on site”. 

For children construction sites should be a no-go area at all times. That’s why you should make sure your site is secure now to stop any potential accidents happening over the school summer holidays.


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