Anne Leach

Meet our brand new HS&E Trainer and Advisor: Anne Leach

By Kate Williams | 27th January 2020

We’ve already had a great start to 2020 at Quality Safety Training. With more courses, more clients and exciting new projects on the horizon, we thought it was time to expand, in an effort to meet the demands of the Health & Safety industry. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a new member of the…

Behavioural Safety

Behavioural safety: the bedrock of every great business

By Kate Williams | 18th December 2019

When it comes to workplace safety, there are many different ways you can keep yourself and your business protected. You can carry out risk assessments. You can ensure all employees are trained, and you can make everyone health and safety aware. However, a business is like a house and if its foundation is unstable, issues…

Family business. National reach: get quality training, wherever you are

By Kate Williams | 4th November 2019

Over the years, our family-run business has gone from local to large-scale. Today, we have expert trainers located all across the UK, ready to equip your employees with the skills they need – anywhere and anytime. It’s our mission to keep as many people safe, compliant and confident as possible. So whether you’re in the…

Mental Health In the Construction Industry

Mental Health In the Construction Industry

By Kate Williams | 8th October 2019

An industry survey conducted by Construction News revealed that a quarter of all construction workers have considered suicide and over half have experienced mental health problems. These figures are significantly above the national average and demand our close attention, as they indicate that the stresses of working in an industry with high customer demands, low…

Is your RPE fit for use? Find out today and safeguard your workplace

By Kate Williams | 27th August 2019

Staying safe at work is important, no matter the industry. But if you work with or around harmful substances, extra care must be taken to protect your health. For anyone who uses Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) at work, Face Fit Testing is required by law. And by ensuring your equipment is effective, you will keep…

New course: the Tunnelling Safety Training Scheme (TSTS)

By Kate Williams | 5th July 2019

Makes tunnelling less daunting for anyone new to tunnelling and a good refresher for experienced persons. Since we began, it’s been our mission to help professionals from every industry stay safe and compliant in their fields. That’s why we’re thrilled to be offering yet another course – this time, for the tunnelling industry. The CITB…

Introducing our brand-new eLearning portal: the convenient way to become compliant

By Kate Williams | 10th June 2019

The convenient way to become compliant. We’re excited to announce the launch of our all-new eLearning portal, where you can now take many of our fully-accredited courses online – anywhere and anytime. We know it can be tricky to fit in classroom-based courses around busy work schedules. That’s why we’re now offering you and your team…

Create a culture of care: why workplaces need higher health and safety standards

By Kate Williams | 15th February 2019

Upholding health and safety standards is a complicated part of any business. And in workplaces like hospitals, schools and care homes, it can be challenging to ensure you’re compliant in every single area. But when the safety of children and/or vulnerable adults is at stake, it’s more important than ever to ensure your staff are…

Don’t let standards slip – health, safety and hygiene in the hospitality world

By Kate Williams | 3rd February 2019

Every workplace has its fair share of risks and hazards – whether it’s a construction site, office, school, nursery or care home. While we train people across all of these industries, the fast-paced world of hospitality is one of the riskiest to work in. This means extra care should be taken to ensure your restaurant,…

New year, new skills: invest in your employees with our 2019 Site Management Safety Training Scheme

By Kate Williams | 13th December 2018

  Cupboards stocked. Tree up. Presents (nearly) bought.  Christmas is just around the corner, and it’ll soon be time to start preparing for 2019. So now’s the time to enrol your employees on our CITB 5-day Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS), starting on 14th January 2019. This Christmas, give your staff the gift of…