By Anne Leach | 11th January 2021

Unfortunately it hasn’t been the fresh new start or return to work that we were all hoping for with another National Lockdown now in force until at least the middle of February, however, we hope that those of you who are able to work are now back into the swing of things. As Construction is…


By Anne Leach | 17th December 2020

We have all experienced a tough year this year and some of us are still reeling from what has been a very traumatic time both personally and professionally. Here at Quality Safety Training, we are planning to continue to deliver courses via zoom as much as possible so that companies can be flexible in their…


By Anne Leach | 8th September 2020

You may have seen or heard that the HSE are currently carrying out spot inspections to ensure that businesses are COVID-secure. What does this mean? It means that you could potentially be visited by the HSE at any time and without prior warning. This could be seen as quite a daunting proposition, however, we mustn’t…

New e-Learning Course: Online Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment e-learning course

By Anne Leach | 8th July 2020

As the world of business is changing how it works, we all need to adapt and change as well. With the outbreak of the coronavirus, more and more people have been turning to the ‘virtual world’ by using video calling not only for keeping in touch with loved ones but also for conducting meetings, interviews…


By Anne Leach | 30th June 2020

Let us ask you a question:  how many of you had heard of “zoom” before we were struck by the Coronavius pandemic? For those of you who answered that you had, then well done for being ahead of the game! For those of you who answered that you hadn’t, then you are probably among the…

COVID-19: Mental Health and Moving Forward

By Anne Leach | 18th June 2020

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown to ease strain on the NHS hasn’t been easy for any of us. As well as business and the economy at large being affected, it has affected so many of us on a personal level.  Whether you have lost loved ones or contracted the disease yourself and have had to…

Anne Leach

Meet our brand new HS&E Trainer and Advisor: Anne Leach

By Kate Williams | 27th January 2020

We’ve already had a great start to 2020 at Quality Safety Training. With more courses, more clients and exciting new projects on the horizon, we thought it was time to expand, in an effort to meet the demands of the Health & Safety industry. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a new member of the…

Behavioural Safety

Behavioural safety: the bedrock of every great business

By Kate Williams | 18th December 2019

When it comes to workplace safety, there are many different ways you can keep yourself and your business protected. You can carry out risk assessments. You can ensure all employees are trained, and you can make everyone health and safety aware. However, a business is like a house and if its foundation is unstable, issues…

Family business. National reach: get quality training, wherever you are

By Kate Williams | 4th November 2019

Over the years, our family-run business has gone from local to large-scale. Today, we have expert trainers located all across the UK, ready to equip your employees with the skills they need – anywhere and anytime. It’s our mission to keep as many people safe, compliant and confident as possible. So whether you’re in the…

Mental Health In the Construction Industry

Mental Health In the Construction Industry

By Kate Williams | 8th October 2019

An industry survey conducted by Construction News revealed that a quarter of all construction workers have considered suicide and over half have experienced mental health problems. These figures are significantly above the national average and demand our close attention, as they indicate that the stresses of working in an industry with high customer demands, low…