You asked, we answered! See below for some of your FAQ’s!

How do you check my ID and what ID do I need to have?

You must have a photo ID that displays your name and date of birth. At the start of the online exam you are asked to show your ID to the camera. 

What happens if my phone goes off?

If your phone goes off this means you have broken one of the exam rules as you are not allowed any external device in the room. This, therefore, would be a fail.

How long do I get to take the exam?

40 minutes.

Can I take my online invigilated exam on the same day that I do the 1HSC course?

Unfortunately not. Once completing the online course it takes 72 hours to get an email sent to you with your login details to the online exam portal. Once you have these login details, you can do the exam whenever you like. However, it MUST be completed within 2 weeks of you completing the 1HSC course.

I am taking the online exam at home. Can I have a TV in the room?

No, you cannot have any electronic devices in the room.

How can I revise?

We recommend that you take notes throughout the online course that you can refer back to when revising. Remember, you cannot have these notes in the course with you.

What happens to my recorded exam video, is it safe?

Yes your recorded video is kept safe. The video is stored on the Proctor Online System which is password protected. Only exam invigilators have access to this video.

How will my exam get marked?

An invigilator will watch the recording back to check that no exam rules have been broken, once this has been completed and they are satisfied, you will be issued your exam mark.

We hope this helps clear some of your questions up. If you have any more, please do get in touch with a member of the team today!