Behavioural safety: the bedrock of every great business

Behavioural Safety

When it comes to workplace safety, there are many different ways you can keep yourself and your business protected.

You can carry out risk assessments. You can ensure all employees are trained, and you can make everyone health and safety aware. However, a business is like a house and if its foundation is unstable, issues will keep arising, people will remain at risk and profits will keep depleting.

That’s why it’s important to protect your business from not only the top down but the ground up, and this begins with behavioural safety.

Changing peoples’ behaviour can seem like an impossible task, however, rather than changing individual attitudes, what you can do is create an environment that encourages people to stay safe, responsible and in turn, protected.

That’s where our Behavioural Safety course comes in.

Our short, yet in-depth online course explains how behaviour, attitude and worker engagement can help minimise risk and maximise productivity. It clearly explains what you can do to safeguard your workplace through simple, yet effective behaviour changes.

On the course, you’ll learn about the psychology of human behaviour, and how certain working conditions affect the attitudes of the workers. You’ll learn about the link between behaviour and performance and you’ll even learn how to measure how well your business is doing in terms of behavioural safety.

This course is all about building a better future for your company – not providing quick-fix solutions. It’s important that lasting structures are put in place, providing continuous support for your business.

After the course, you’ll sit an exam after each module. When you pass, you’ll receive an accredited QST certificate that’s nationally recognised.

So whether you’re an individual wanting to broaden your skillset, or an employer looking to strengthen your workforce – this course will give you the tools you need to build a positive work environment through behavioural safety.

At Quality Safety Training, all our courses have been carefully designed by a team of experts. So you can be sure that whatever you learn from us is up-to-date and industry-approved. What’s more, we hold all of our courses to the same high standard – whether they’re online or in person. So you can expect the same level and quality of training across every course.

If you want to find out more about our Behavioural Safety Training course, or about any of our other courses, feel free to get in touch.