Don’t let standards slip – health, safety and hygiene in the hospitality world

Health and safety in the hospitality world

Every workplace has its fair share of risks and hazards – whether it’s a construction site, office, school, nursery or care home. While we train people across all of these industries, the fast-paced world of hospitality is one of the riskiest to work in. This means extra care should be taken to ensure your restaurant, hotel, pub or bar is covered from all angles. At QST, we provide a range of courses that will help your business stay informed, compliant and in turn, successful.

Not combating hazards can be costly, for health and for profit. But in an environment that relies on speed and efficiency, taking time to spot hazards before they become a problem can seem unrealistic. Unfortunately, this often means they’re only found when it’s too late.

From slips, trips and falls to manual handling accidents – the risk list is seemingly endless. That’s why it’s important to train your staff, so they’re looking out for hazards before they become accidents. We have a number of health and safety courses designed around the hospitality sector. Each one will give your team the tools they need to operate a safe, compliant working environment.

Manual handling

Avoiding manual handling accidents may seem obvious. But in reality, many incidents occur when employees are carrying light, easy-to-handle packages. This is because they underestimate the risks, and take less care when handling light objects than they would with heavy ones. Our Manual Handling course covers all aspects of this issue, from risk assessment to protecting your spine. We tailor the course content to you and your team, ensuring our advice is useful and easy to apply to everyday life.

Food Hygiene

It goes without saying, the importance of food hygiene is paramount in the hospitality industry. If a customer’s food is unsafe to eat, either through contamination or carelessness, the consequences can be greater than just a bad reputation – it could result in the whole business being shut down. And it’s not simply enough to only train those who directly handle food. Maintaining food hygiene standards is everyone’s responsibility. And if more members of staff are informed, fewer hazards will slip through the net.

First Aid and Emergency First Aid at work

But what about when something does happen? Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, not all incidents can be avoided. So it’s important your staff know what to do when a problem does arise. Our two courses, First Aid at Work and Emergency First Aid at Work teach staff how to effectively and confidently tackle accidents in the workplace. They will be taught many different skills, including how to approach an emergency situation, dealing with airway obstructions, and even learning basic life support and resuscitation skills. In some cases, having trained staff can be the difference between life and death. Enrol them on one of our courses to give you, your staff and your customers peace of mind.

For businesses, the benefits of training are boundless. In the hospitality industry, it’s undoubtedly safer to have well-informed and highly-trained staff. But on top of this, developing their skills can make them feel more valued and invested in by the business, meaning they’re more likely to perform better.

With QST, you’ll be trained by the most experienced tutors who are experts in their industry. We regularly review and update our courses, ensuring you learn only the most up-to-date industry practices. If you’d like to find out more about any of our courses, simply get in touch.