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Beginning a career in the construction industry

Beginning a career in the construction industry

The construction industry is an exciting and diverse industry with a variety of different roles. From building surveyor to site manager, there are many different career paths to choose from.

There are different ways of beginning a career in the construction industry, depending on your age, experience, qualifications, and the type of job you are looking for. As with many jobs, personal skills such as time management, teamwork, and communication skills are also important.

Routes into the construction industry

There are three main ways of beginning a career in the construction industry: get an apprenticeship, which combines classroom learning with training on the job; go into further education such as a university course to study for a job in the construction industry; get a job as an entry-level worker and gain skills on the job. If you choose to go into an apprenticeship or further education you may be able to get a higher-level job when you begin working, however if you chose to go straight into work you will likely begin in an entry level job and can work your way up.

If you choose to go straight into a job in the industry, you will find that for many construction jobs you will be able to show your skills and gain or extend your qualifications while working in the industry. Training that you gain whilst working will either be accredited training which will be recognised by the entire industry, or ‘unaccredited training’ which is still useful but might not be recognised by everyone.

Construction training from QST


Here at Quality Safety Training we run accredited CITB courses, which can either help you get employment or advance your career. If you want to demonstrate that your expertise in a certain occupation in construction, then these card schemes prove that you have the right skills and training. Earning one of these shows that you are able to competently perform the role or task identified on the card, and will open doors for you across the sector. Some of these cards require you to sit a 1-day health and safety awareness course, which we can offer you. If you are already working on a construction site and want to advance to a supervisor or manager role the CITB SSSTS or SMSTS course may be for you. We also run Quality Safety Training accredited training including asbestos awareness, abrasive wheel training, and manual handling and working at height training.

Reasons to join the construction industry

Benefits of working in the construction industry:

  • Be an important part of a team
  • Make a real difference to the environment from city regeneration to ensuring essential facilities are available
  • Enjoy a huge variety of work
  • The opportunity to work abroad
  • Get complete job satisfaction in the knowledge that you helped build something that will last a lifetime or longer
  • Give yourself the freedom to start your own business
  • Start at any level and work your way to the top
  • Work towards a range of respected professional qualifications
  • Put your creative skills to the test


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